Corporate financial services

With the development of financing instruments for the energy industry with the help of financial institutions and also with the formation of international platforms for financing A&M in line with the initial public offering of OFS shares and the management of its financial activities, it has paved the way for the above activities.

Optimizing assets and improving the provision of financial services to Dana Energy Group are among the most important missions of Dana Investment Company.

In addition, we are aware that the review and updating of investment policies in different periods is subject to the conditions of prosperity, stability and economic recession. Therefore, Dana Investment Company considered it necessary to quickly identify these market conditions and, while analyzing its effects on macro-investment strategies, take action if necessary to make changes in the investment regulations.

In addition, Dana Investment tries to take valuable steps in the new fiscal year in order to create continuous and sustainable value for the industry, while continuing to achieve achievements. Mutual value creation in the economy of our beloved homeland as well as the company's shareholders are also among the wise investment missions. The company is trying to operate as a well-known and well-known investment institution in the energy industry to achieve the set of key goals designed above.

Managing energy chain investments by focusing on downstream and renewable energy industries and creating partnerships with energy and financial industry actors is the core strategy of Dana Company. In addition, Dana Investment facilitates and develops the finances and investments of its subsidiaries as well as Dana Energy Group.

Since one of the goals of Dana Investment Company is to make the most of current and progressive investment opportunities, so the formation of an investment committee consisting of the CEO and officials of listed and non-listed investment units is also considered as Dana strategies.

پورتفولیوی سرمایه گذاری بورسی

Stock Investment Portfolio

In the fiscal year 2020, due to the outcome of the country's economic developments, the attention of Dana Investment was focused on the stock market, and in this direction, by forming various portfolios of stocks, it formed an acceptable trend for this part of the group's portfolio. At a time when the market value of the company's stock portfolio was 119 billion rials at the beginning of last year, in the first half of May of the same year, 75.9 billion rials of new liquidity was injected into it; In such a way that the value of the mentioned portfolio day reached 460 billion Rials and reached its highest historical figure during August 2020.